Agreement reached with Elsevier

Sikt is pleased to be able to inform that we have reached an agreement with Elsevier on a new publish and read agreement from 2022. 

Norwegian version

In 2019, Norway was the first country to enter into a partnership with Elsevier on a pilot agreement that made it possible for Norwegian researchers to publish open access in the vast majority of the publisher's journals. 

The agreement now continues for three years from 2022, with even better conditions than before. This means, among other things, unlimited open access publishing in the publisher's hybrid journals and a discount on publishing in fully gold journals. Open access publishing is also now possible in a variety of Cell Press titles for all participating institutions. Read access is secured, to around 2260 journals. 

"We are pleased that an agreement has been reached with Elsevier and are confident that the outcome of the negotiations will benefit Norwegian research institutions. Institutions can now publish even more open research than before ", says Roar Olsen, CEO of Sikt. 

The negotiations have been carried out in close collaboration with a negotiating group including representatives from the rectorship, heads of research and library leaders and other staff at Norwegian research institutions.

"Norwegian researchers generally have a high level of publications in Elsevier's journals, and we are pleased that the new agreement provides scope for more open publishing. We view this agreement as yet another step in the right direction, but we are still in a transition phase, and will continue to work towards sustainable open access publishing”, says rector at the University of Bergen, Margareth Hagen, chair of the negotiating group.

In 2021, there were 48 institutions that participated in the agreement, which makes Elsevier the largest agreement with an academic publisher in Norway 

More information about the agreement can be directed to Sikt or the library at the participating institutions. 

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