Open Access Week: The Rise of the Data Stewards

As part of this year’s International Open Access Week, several Norwegian academic libraries present a number of events with topics related to open publishing, open science and data sharing. All events are digital and open to anyone interested.

Time: Friday, the 28th of October (10:00-11:30 CET)


It is our great pleasure to end Open Access Week 2022 with a session dedicated to research data and its FAIRly new superheroes: the data stewards and their role as experts in data handling throughout all phases of the data life cycle.

In this session we will look at the data steward from a few different angles:

  • Live Håndlykken Kvale will give a short presentation of the project “Competence framework for research data support” (Kompetanserammeverk for forskningsdatastøtte) a project that aims to map what skills are needed to meet the needs of data stewards.
  • Nils Pharo will give us his thoughts on a possible data steward study program at the OsloMET library and information studies
  • Tereza Kalova from the University of Vienna will talk about engaging on their data support program and overall research data management strategy
  • Korbinian Bösl from BioMedData will present their experiences with and their plans for a data steward education and certification
  • Data managers from Utrecht University will give two presentations: One about their research data service, and the other about their YOUth data collection program

Each presentation will last for about 10 minutes and the session ends with a plenary discussion about the role of the data steward. 

Event organizers:

Dag-Even Martinsen Torsøe, USN,

Ane Møller Gabrielsen, NTNU,

Jenny Ostrop, UiB,

Live Håndlykken Kvale, UiO,

Lene Elisabeth Bertheussen, NTNU,

Sondre Strandskog Arnesen, HVL,

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