Open Access Week: Ethical dilemmas in Open Data

October 23th to 29th is International Open Access Week and the 2023 theme is “Community over Commercialization”. Research organizations both within Norway and abroad have many online events planned.

Open Access Week 2023. Source:

All presentations are available in Zenodo: Open Access Week 2023 Norway


Webinar October 27, 10:00-11:30: Ethical dilemmas in Open Data

Openness regarding research findings is essential for transparency, accountability and community engagement. However, open sharing of data can also conflict with other key principles of research ethics, such as the need to ensure research has good consequences for participants and wider society. This webinar brings together researchers from different academic disciplines to present and debate approaches to balancing the principles of open science with research ethical norms.

One obvious tension exists between open sharing of research data and respect for the privacy of research participants. Researchers working with indigenous data also face the challenge of balancing open sharing with the need to respect the rights and interests of indigenous communities. In research on biological diversity, unrestricted open access to knowledge, genetic resources, connected data, and the responsible, equitable sharing of benefits presents a particular conundrum. How can we balance ethical considerations with sharing data openly? 

Please join us for presentations from our invited speakers, followed by a panel discussion led by Huw Grange (UiT).


Research ethics and data management, Heidi Østbø Haugen, Professor in China Studies, UiO 

The CARE principles and challenges of indigenous data in Sweden, Per Axelsson, Associate professor at Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Umeå University

Fair and equitable sharing of bio-genetical resources, Christian Prip, Senior Policy Analyst, FNI 


Event organisers:

Live Håndlykken Kvale (UiO)
Huw Grange (UiT)
Trond Kvarme (Sikt)
Korbinian Bösl (ELIXIR Norway)
Anna Valberg (FNI)

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