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In addition to the role as national coordinator for the work with open access in Norway, Sikt is negotiating and managing 38 licence agreements as consortia on behalf of Norwegian research libraries from the public sector. The agreements focus on access to electronic resources such as e-journals, reference databases, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Presentation of the Sikt (formerly Cristin/CERES/Unit) consortium team

See overview of our publish and read agreements (English)

See overview of all our agreements (Norwegian)

License agreement Data Specifications (English)

Information about the political foundation for open access in Norway and negotiaton principles with journal publishers (English)

Consortiums: Sikt's routines (English)

Consortiums: Sikt’s recommended tiering structure (English)

Consortiums: Sikt’s member institutions with FTEs (English/Norwegian)


Contact Sikt License agreements and open access

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