License agreements

Unit is negotiating and managing 39 licence agreements on behalf of Norwegian research libraries from the public sector. The agreements focus on access to electronic resources such as e-journals, reference databases, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The Unit (formerly Cristin/CERES) consortium team is negotiating license agreements with various range of suppliers. This work is done on behalf of research libraries from university-, institute and health sector.

Open consortia

The consortium team works with the so-called "open consortia". This means that an institution may participate in one or more of the agreements we have negotiated.

Who can participate in the consortia?

Institutions that can participate in our consortia are the following:

  • University and college libraries
  • Research institutes (research units outside the higher education sector and industry)
  • Health authorities
  • Institutions belonging to Central government
  • Public libraries
  • County Libraries

Please contact us at if you have any doubts on whether your library falls into these categories.

Go to the complete list of the current Unit consortia agreements


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