Open Access Week: Demystifying Research Data Management - what do you need to know when you start RDM-ing in Norway?

October 23th to 29th is International Open Access Week and the 2023 theme is “Community over Commercialization”. Research organizations both within Norway and abroad have many online events planned.

Open Access Week 2023. Kilde:

All presentations are available in Zenodo: Open Access Week 2023 Norway


Webinar October 26 2023: Demystifying Research Data Management - what do you need to know when you start RDM-ing in Norway?

RDA, NFR, EOSC, BOTT, NVA, Sikt, NeIC, DigDir, UHR, NIRD, UBs, TSD, NESH, REK, KD, ESFRI, QualiFAIR - are you familiar with all the abbreviations? Are you new to research data management (RDM) in Norway or have been in the field for a long time but are still confused as we are?

Research Data Alliance Norway (NO-RDA) aims to create a structured overview of important actors, infrastructures, networks, services and collaborations in the Norwegian RDM landscape. In this session we will present results from our initial mapping, discuss questions submitted through our survey, and have invited representatives from central actors to present their services and answer questions live.


  • Important events and policies
  • Sorting actors
  • Infrastructure
  • Data that needs protection
  • Where to get help?

Invited guests

  • Nenitha Dagslott, The Research Council of Norway
  • Bodil Agasøster, Sikt
  • Abdulrahman Azab, NeIC
  • Koenraad de Smedt, CLARINO
  • Agata Bochynska, QualiFAIR


Event Organisers:
NO-RDA Task 3 Training and Outreach: 
Ane Møller Gabrielsen (NTNU)
Daniel Henry Øvrebø (UiB)
Elin Stangeland (UiS)
Jenny Ostrop (UiB)
Ingrid Heggland (NTNU)
Shea Sundstøl (USN)
Trond Kvamme (Sikt)
Live Kvale (UiO)
Almuth Gastinger (NTNU)

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